Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ninja Story

I had this awesome idea to make the text of this story invisible. Blogger's making it hard to do that without being super obvious. Ah well, enjoy. {{EDIT: I had a new and more brilliant idea... maybe.}}

There once was a ninja named Tom. Tom was a good ninja because he was sneaky; and also he could do backflips. One day Tom went on a sneaky ninja mission to assassinate someone. Sadly, poor Tom forgot his sword. So when he got to the place for the assassination he couldn't do anything. Tom went home and cried himself to sleep.

If you give up, the solution is Click the ninjas.

Friday, April 18, 2014


I feel like I look for satisfaction in relationships. Lecrae says "help me find my joy in you and not people and places"; this is my prayer to God as well. I don't think I'll ever have a relationship with a person (here on earth) that will fulfill my relational needs. Not even a wife...
I think that communication and relationships are things that are depraved due to the fall. We'll never find the friendships or loves that we truly desire. Maybe I'm just cynical. Sometimes I imagine being so close to someone. As though we literally share the same skin. We're no longer two but one. A physical, mental, spiritual and emotional oneness I can only dream of. Not just in some metaphorical sense like we try to say marriages are. Maybe this is what they're supposed to be; but here on earth I don't think they ever are.

I don't actually ever plan on getting married and I'm certainly not currently wed; so I don't know if there is something I'm missing. But as far as friendships go... They really only last while we're together. I'm still friends with Michael right now but that doesn't mean anything since we're not together. I don't feel anything (say what you will about love being more than a feeling). Even Noah, we talk about everything (which seems pointless because we're always thinking the same things) but right now I'm alone. And that's all I feel. Alone.

Even if they were perfect, I shouldn't look for joy in my relationships with friends. Or even some future hypothetical wife. I really want to know God. To have a relationship with Jesus Christ. But unlike Ascend the Hill, I don't feel him closer than my skin. I feel like we're not really friends because He doesn't talk to me and I rarely talk to Him. I'm scared that He's screaming at me (screaming His love) and I'm just deaf; all the while crying out to Him that He would to speak to me. I want to hear him. "This is Eternal Life, that they may know you and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." I always tell people that I personally know Jesus. But when I'm being honest, I don't know him anymore than I know Isaac Asimov. "There's a difference between knowing about someone and knowing them" they say, but then they tell me I can know God by reading a book He wrote. That's definitely the way I got to know my friend Michael.

Sometimes I have these conversations (and this one's reminiscent of the ones I have with God) and say these things about how I desire to know God and really want to have a relationship with Him. But how much time do I invest in seeking Him?

And it's dawning on me that that's the way that relationships work. My friend Josh is suffering, and even though he's doing better he's still a mess. Every time I see him I have great conversations with him. But I'm finding it incredibly hard to actually pursue having a relationship with him; getting to know him and actively seeking to love him.

It's okay. God's big. He'll make up for me not seeking Him. He'll seek me... Like some kind of Calvinist doctrinal statement. And maybe one day He'll seek to cause me to seek Him seeking me. (But sometimes I worry that I'm stuck).

God. I need you.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another poem

Even in the midst
of this
I long still
for some greater joy
is there more?
or is this it?
I sit
longing for another
but when you’re here
I feel so lonely

What’s missing?
is it you?
or me?
mindless amusement
petty diversions all

These hands can’t write
these thoughts can’t be heard
I communicate nothing
with these groans
(read ‘this silence’)
no words convey
these feelings inside
feel them I pray

Oh to be content
or better yet
to find joy in you
to live this moment
to the fullest
to shed this unnameable feeling
of longing and dread


Robotic Revolution

Apparently we're back. Google's automated spam detecting robot decided that we were its enemy. Disregarding the three laws it immediately took the offensive and shut down our blag. Luckily we were able to contact a human and have him (her?) save us. For now we still triumph over our artificial counterparts. Still the future seems bleak. Maybe when if I become a cyborg the robots will let me live.

Moving on. Getting rid of the hipster review. Not enough room to say all the things that need to be said. Hopefully we'll put reviews up here in the main posts.

Noah started a blog by himself over here.

Isaac may do the same... who knows.

We've not been writing much... life happens and writing's hard.

And.... I think that's it. Have nice life. Don't get mistaken for spam and eaten by a bacon loving robot.