Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And you thought I was dead.

A Nightmare

I keep having a recurring nightmare. Despite its many variations, it’s always the same dream. I’m at a paint job, my boss tells me to cut in and tells a coworker to roll before leaving. In some dreamms I never actually see him, just a note or the knowledge of his commands. Sometimes he leaves me in charge, sometimes my coworker. Sometimes there are no instructions, the dream starts at the next step.

I start cutting in but… my coworker keeps getting in the way and trying to cut in. In some variations he tries to prep, or paint the walls the wrong color. Sometimes he even lights the house on fire.
I keep trying to explain to my coworker that he’s doing the wrong thing, that this isn’t what he’s supposed to be doing.

He ignores me.

After a while I start to doubt myself: maybe I should just change jobs. It probably doesn’t matter who does what as long as the job gets done right? Maybe the boss said for me to roll. Maybe the walls are supposed to be these colors.
But no matter what I do the dream always end with my boss showing up and firing me for doing not getting the job done or doing it wrong. I wake up then.