Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Conversation (A Fantasy)

Please don’t read this. Instead go buy Correspondence (A Fiction) and listen to it. Or vice versa. No seriously.

If you’re still unconvinced that Correspondence is for you, I’ll do my best to persuade you.

One of my favorite parts of the whole music thing, is watching an artist progression. Watching an artist or band improve their skill, sound and message. Watching them tweak and refine their style to find where they truly shine. Sure sometimes there are rough spots, band that abruptly change styles and find themselves out of their depth. Or artists who tone down their message and lose my respect.

But there are certainly bands and artists who continually improve. Who with every new album set a new standard and blow me away (For Today, Brave Saint Saturn, Showbread etc.). There are even some bands who break up and come back together better than ever before (Burlap to Cashmere, Five Iron Frenzy).

I’ve known and followed Levi the Poet since the Monologue years. So while I can’t say that I’ve been a fan since the beginning, I’ve been pretty close. I’ve watched as both in albums and concerts Levi has continually refined his message and delivery. I’ve seen him add music, back up vocals and even a video presentation all the while sticking to the vocal delivery and raw honesty that drew me to him in the first place.

As anyone who’s read more than two posts on this blog can attest, Levi’s been a really big influence and inspiration in both of our lives. So when Levi’s latest kickstarter was announced, Noah got right on it. For reasons that are still a mystery to me, I (regrettably) didn’t contribute to the Kickstarter. I did however buy Levi’s newest album as soon as I could. Though I’m still waiting for the physical CD, I’ve downloaded and listened to the album multiple times.

When I read The Brothers Karamazov I could only compare it to a mountain. A mountain simply is. Its beauty defies our criticism or even our compliments. I could never detract from its mountain grandeur by complaining about it or criticizing some of its facets. Nor could I really add to it in a meaningful way by giving it a positive review. The most I could do for a mountain is share it with others by visiting it with them or giving them directions.

Perhaps in climbing the mountain I would find treacherous drop-offs or beautiful views. But I would be doing no more than discovering what was there all along. Perhaps I could share with my friends some of the better places on the mountain to go or show them new routes to get to new areas. But again, I would be doing no more than revealing what was always there.

This is how I felt upon listening to Correspondence (A Fiction). Its sublime in ways I could never describe. And though I loved it on first listen through, I know that I will enjoy it for as long as I live and constantly get more out of it.

To sum up; Correspondence (A Fiction) by Levi the Poet is great. You should support it and its author by buying a copy, listening to it and playing it for all your friends.