Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Provision through Providence

I’m leaving to go to the airport in a few hours. From here to LA to Australia to there. Kinda crazy to think that in less than two days I’ll be in Wewak Papua New Guinea. I know I haven’t put anything up here about my trip there or my plans. Sorry but that’s a story for another time. Today’s post is about provision. And Providence.

It turns out that traveling to the opposite side of the world (swapping both hemispheres) is a little bit more pricey than I counted on. As I began to get my ducks in a row to leave, I kept running into little costs and expenses that were quickly adding up. This culminated when I dropped off some prescriptions to be filled at Walgreens with no money, or plans to be able to pick them up.

After stressing about it for almost a day I finally asked God to give me peace which he promptly did. I said. “God, this is it. I have no money to pick up those medications and they’re kinda something I need to travel. Not only that but I’ve got visas, mandatory travel insurance and some other things I need money for. If you want me to go still, now’s the time to come through.” And He did.

My mom volunteered to pick up the medications for me, a couple of checks came in a pastor handed me $100 and at the end of all that grace I had almost $900. I was expecting it to cost me $2000 for the two months I’m planning on being in PNG. So no worries.

Then two things happened; I talked to my contact there and he told me (by the way) it would only cost me $500 a month for living expenses and my phone company returned me $200. Now I’m definitely in the black. But I guess God’s like Billy Mays because that’s not all.

I didn’t ask anyone for money, aside from God (and Him only haphazardly); but word got out and just before I got those two phone calls my brother-in-law offered to pay the thousand dollars I was still missing. I guess God’s got that money set for something else because now I don’t need it.

I rode around with Noah yesterday and told him all this. I’m still blessed by his reply. “I was gonna offer to pay whatever you still needed but I was waiting to see what God would do.” And this is what God did.

One more little thing. The last thing I need to do before I go is pick up some local currency (kinas) that I ordered. With exactly $1205 to my name I didn’t want to break a hundred just to buy $20 worth of kinas. I asked God and a little bit later my boss hands me $100 in twenties as “a bonus” Now I’m set for living expenses there and travel costs on the way.

All that to say, that God provides. It’s weird how I continually find it hard to trust Him despite how often He comes through for me. In every little thing I ask of Him He provides.

I generally don’t like sharing things like this but part of the reason why I asked God instead of people to provide was to prove how faithful He is. And now you know.