Tuesday, May 31, 2016

From the heart?!

O man it’s been a while. Well if anyone reads these thanks. Thank you for being diligent to wait for new posts as we go through life and can go months without even thinking about posting.

                 I will start by saying 2 things. First sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. I don’t have a legitimate excuse for this; I have really just been lazy.  Lazy because I don’t feel like writing so I just play video games instead and lazy in that I begin to think that I need to have inspiration for good writing or that I should not write because I’m not very good. Thinking about it now those are super lame reasons for not writing.

                I started getting some special newsletters from Levi the poet(I will put a link for it at the bottom) where he is trying to be more personal and make himself write at least once a week, and when he was preparing to start these letters he asked a few of his fans to take a short survey and let him know what kind of things they want to read about from him. I put in my survey “just write like one of those late night conversations that has lots of meaning but maybe no focus”. I know that’s a weird statement but I feel like people understand what I’m trying to communicate. We all know those late night conversations we have with friends where we can talk for hours on end about who know how many different topics. It’s not focused because we reach this point where we stop talking with are brain and start talking with are heart.

                So today reading Levi’s first letter I he did a good job creating a letter that felt like a conversation, and I realized that I should take my own advice. I need to start writing and stop being concerned about if its good or if it makes sense and just start talking from my heart.  I feel that writing in this way though I could go on for pages so I will try to be disciplined to keep these posts “short”(not long) and stay on topic(sort of).

Once again thanks for reading this and taking time to be a part of are lifes.

here is that levi the poet letter i am talking about.