Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sprinting into the fog

They said. "Boy, don't lose the forest for the trees."
But I'm shaking like a leaf
because I'm so scared of losing you in this wood.
And when did we forget those we were sent to love?
When will a fire tear through this forest;
burn up all we've built on a false foundation.
Sometimes I wanna strike a match and set this forest ablaze.
Let that fire light a new passion inside of us.
Let these flames eat all the wood, hay and stubble 
that we've been building ourselves up with.
And let new life grow in us.
Burn away our dross, oh Lord,
the dead rotted wood of our hearts.
And let new life, new love
grow instead in that fertile ground.
Weeds long for good soil just like flowers.
For too long we've let our hearts be a seedbed 
for trees that grow tall, grasping for the heavens
and yet producing no fruit.
When will we learn
that not all growth is good?
That pruning is an essential part of tending grape vines?
Prune me, oh Lord.
Cut away every branch that grows away from your light,
reaching for the darkness.
Tend us, oh Gardner.
Remove every root that holds us back,
gripping our dirt so tightly.
Let your work be as endless as ours,
until our eyes are opened
and we see as men,
as trees walking.

I like the title a lot. I want to trust God enough to sprint into the fog. But I'll probably never write a whole post on the idea and here's this thing I found so here you go.