Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Running Away

Running and running I never make it very far.
No matter how hard I strive it seems like at the end of every day I find myself just where I started.
Right where I’m trying to leave.
Running endlessly in circles trying to find the end of this perpetual motion.
Machine like I strive onward without hope or purpose.
Unable to learn from the past or ever really leave it behind.
Wasn’t I just here?
Didn’t I just make that mistake?
I thought I was chasing you but sometimes it feels like I’m actually running away.
Are you trying to catch me or just to escape?
Are you as terrified of me as I am of you?
Mostly I’m scared you’ll leave me.
That if I stop chasing you you’ll get farther and farther away.
But then I remember that it’s you chasing me.
That your outstretched arms are behind and not ahead.
Maybe the key to catching you is to not run.
But to be still.
To know.
That you are God.