Thursday, March 30, 2017

Faked out

I thought you were supposed to be the answer to my existential wanderings
But I still lie awake wondering
And if you're the answer why do I have to keep on pondering:
Am I the only Christian that lies awake at night scared there might be a God?
I can't just smile and nod
Knowing you can see through my facade.
And if you're real then you'll really know what lies beneath my profession of belief.
I've peddled my lies for so long I've become my own best customer. Consuming every knew distraction and hypocrisy I can manufacture. And I may believe me but what if you don't when I say I believe in you?
I'm scared of the truth it's true. Too scared you'll find out what I've known you always knew.
I don't believe in me, how can I believe in you?